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 In September 1999, Silvia Kind finished writing down her „Monologues“ under the impression of the passing away of her close friend Bob with the depressed words: „… my life has become dark and difficult. I truly do not believe in laughing again.“ On one hand, she was reflecting her inner feelings after the death of her last companion, her accelerating loss of sight, on the other hand it was typical for her temper to enthusiastically exaggerate as much as finding herself in a depression moments later.

Well - Silvia Kind started laughing all over again … and kept doing so! Although she fell back into her old rhythm of working and enjoying life into the early hours of the following morning, reciting, reading, writing and making phone calls to the “old world” till 4 a.m. … then remaining in bed till noon or a little bit later. She played her harpsichord and piano daily, gave recitals for her fellow senior citizens in her community and for visitors on Bach and modern composers. With her vitality she kept impressing and inspiring young and old friends.

On May 30th 2002, Silvia passed away – the way she had lived all over her life. A partial stroke affected her physical balance. It was with affection that her medical doctor Larry Gordon took care of her even visiting at her home as well as the Swiss born nurse and friend Beatrix Dobyns. In a joint effort they tried to walk her around her house. When Silvia realized that her strength had gone, she ordered her friends to bring her back into her bed. She found time to recite by heart the six verses of Heinrich Heines „Loreley“, translated them into English for her doctor … encouraged him to learn German … and soon after that passed away.

According to her last will, her ashes were buried in Whiskey Creek, in Joyce, both on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State as well as in the park of Tamins-castle in Switzerland. That’s where an original piece of „Olympic Peninsula drift wood“ keeps hovering over her grave on an elegant steel rod.

It hasn’t been an easy task to move her belongings from Park View Villa 1408 A in a rush.. Far too many memories were attached to her belongings and the spirit of her last home. And Silvia kept interrupting me in a magical way … Now, according to her last will, her harpsichord is played again on the coast of Liguria, her papers are classified and stored properly for future studies, her driftwoods keep swaying in the wind in her relative’s and friend’s gardens.

On June 4th 2003, a memorial concert was given at the Tonhalle of Zürich, Switzerland, where her companion artist Maria Becker honoured Silvia Kind and Maggie Cole from London performed pieces by Byrd, Bach, Mieg, Purcell, Rameau und Daquin on the harpsichord. At this occasion, hundreds of friends, students and relatives found an occasion to commemorate Silvia Kind.

Her main achievements are the exploration of ornaments in baroque music, performing and promoting Bach on the harpsichord in many corners of this world as well as modern composers.

Friends and relatives will keep a strong memory of her extravagant way to feel, express herself, perform and live. It was with enthusiasm that she taught her students, fascinated her audiences and inspired composers, fellow musicians (among them Glenn Gould) and critics. Towards her older days, her wild temper gave way to a warm hearted and cultivated way of looking at things and reflecting them. An outstanding artist, a landmark of a Swiss lady has reached out far and gracefully found back to her inner circle. 

Ueli Dubs                                                                            April 2004








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